Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek! Another dream project, I worked on while at Atomic Fiction.
Check it out!

This is a sample from a sequence I worked closely with the lead on. Even helped develop the template and look of the sequence. It was serendipitous with how it happened, basically I kept running out of work and took on another shot in the sequence. If memory serves me right I creatively final'd 12/18 shots in the sequence.

Spoilers, this is a shot towards the end of the film. This shot was deceptively complex. The set was plexi-glass over green screen. So all the rigging was revealed along with a bunch of grime and imperfections in the plate that needed cleanup. The BG had a bunch of layers in depth with multiple refraction's that needed to interact realistically.

I could go on but I'll end it here. I can't have you getting bored before moving onto Deadpool. Press next!