Rogue One

Wha?!?!? Star Wars!!!!, right? This was a super fun project for me. After working on it, my goal is to only work on more Star Wars films. We picked up single sequence from ILM. There was a bit of internal issues with DMP and LGT, so ILM provided us BG elements to be comp'd in. The FG floor is a mix of SRC and internal LGT.

There wasn't alot of work to go around on the show. I was lucky to work on as much as I ended up because my shot was final'd early. This opened me up to help jr artists and the lead with their shots. The final day was a very memorable experience, staying late working on the shots with just the lead, supe, and myself in the building. I only wish I could have refined the shots more, but there's always deadlines.

Unfortunately, that's the end of Rogue One's work. Press next to view Star Trek Beyond.